Columbus is a Company that offers its clients a unique investment vehicle in the hospitality sector in the South European markets through the acquisition of selected residential properties with hotel services, hotels, temporary tourist accommodation, sanitary properties, student residences and residences for the elderly.

Its main objective is the generation of value and a high flow of income for the distribution of dividends for its shareholders and investors, based mainly on the following pillars:

  • Geographical focus
  • High quality portfolio
  • Experience and professionalism of the team
  • Excellent operation

Geographical focus

Although our head office is in Madrid, our focus also includes opportunities in the rest of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, where our investment thesis is equally successful and where we have the support of local teams with great technical capacity and experience in the real estate sector.


High quality portfolio

Columbus’ assets are mainly located in highly consolidated and high density areas such as Madrid, Barcelona and the Costa del Sol, in the Spanish case. In the hospitality sector, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy are large markets that offer the greatest growth potential, as they have multiple demand generators and include high levels of tourism, corporate travel, student stays and retired people, reflecting the preferences of consumers’ tastes and increasingly international patterns of leisure demand.


Experience and professionalism of the team

With a distinctive style, Columbus is characterized by the vast experience of its team in the real estate sector and a marked international profile. We have a deep knowledge of Southern European markets due to the extensive experience of the members of our Investment Committee, boosted by the recognized academic trajectory of the members of our team, and a global business vision. In that sense, we have the talent and the cash network necessary to access the most interesting off-market opportunities and thus offer the greatest profitability to our investors.


Excellent operation

Columbus gives a meticulous follow-up to the activity of the sector, permanently looking for opportunities to add value, increase efficiency and obtain high yields. Columbus’ asset management history includes the acquisition of strategic assets of great potential for growth, high-quality renters in highly consolidated locations.

Since its formation, Columbus has grown quickly and with discipline. The company’s recent and high-quality construction assets, operational excellence and quality in the management of its equipment, combined with a long-term investment strategy focused on the most interesting markets in the sector in southern Europe, make that Columbus aims to be recognised in the short term as one of the most recognised names in the hospitality industry in Europe.